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LFK placed its 1600th laptop

Laptops for Seniors Field Test
The Masonic Angel Foundation is field testing a “Laptops for Seniors” project that will partner with area Senior Centers and Councils on Aging to place refurbished laptops with senior citizens who need computer access but cannot afford to obtain their own machine.  The project will also encompass seniors whose computer has broken and are not able to afford to replace it.  Senior Center staff will determine placements and will preserve the confidentiality of recipients. 

Laptops for Seniors is being field tested in Eastham, Dennis and Chatham, Massachusetts in partnership with Senior Centers in the respective communities.   

Many seniors who live in FHA subsidized housing may quality for Comcast’s Internet Essentials $9.95/month broadband access program. 

More information about Laptops for Seniors will be forthcoming at the conclusion of the field test.



Laptops for KidZ is a project of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that has served America’s children in need since 2000.  We run an all-volunteer operation with no paid staff whatsoever.  Our operations are funded by donations made specifically for operating expenses.  100% of money donated “for the children” goes “to the children”.

The MAF oversees a network of 142 chapters in 12 states.  Our mission is to provide modest assistance to children in need that do not qualify for traditional social service programs.

Our Board requires that the Laptops for KidZ Project be self-sustaining.  This means that, in addition to donations of laptop computers, we must raise the money necessary to fund the refurbishment of the donated computers.  To that end, we invite both cash sponsorships as well as gifts-in-kind of the various products necessary to refurbish and equip the donated laptops.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to the Laptops for KidZ Project please reach out to us by emailing or calling 774.274.0910 for additional information.

If you would like to make a gift-in-kind of merchandise, please call 774.274.0910 to discuss your gift with one of our volunteer staff.


A Project of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc