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LFK placed its 1600th laptop

Laptops for Seniors Field Test
The Masonic Angel Foundation is field testing a “Laptops for Seniors” project that will partner with area Senior Centers and Councils on Aging to place refurbished laptops with senior citizens who need computer access but cannot afford to obtain their own machine.  The project will also encompass seniors whose computer has broken and are not able to afford to replace it.  Senior Center staff will determine placements and will preserve the confidentiality of recipients. 

Laptops for Seniors is being field tested in Eastham, Dennis and Chatham, Massachusetts in partnership with Senior Centers in the respective communities.   

Many seniors who live in FHA subsidized housing may quality for Comcast’s Internet Essentials $9.95/month broadband access program. 

More information about Laptops for Seniors will be forthcoming at the conclusion of the field test.


donate your laptop

Do you have an old laptop that you would be willing to donate to the Laptops for KidZ Project?

Every donated laptop that can be refurbished will be provided free of charge to a local school for placement with a child in need.  A laptop “refurbished” for distribution to a family is a newly-configured machine with donated Microsoft or Open Source software pre-loaded.  Each machine would be configured and tested by one of our volunteers.

While we encourage donors to wipe the hard drives on computers they will contribute, the very first part of our refurbishment protocol is to “zap” the hard drive, permanently removing all data on the drive.  This protects everyone’s security and ensures that no virus or malware could survive on the computer.  If a hard drive is not usable or cannot be cleared, it will be physically destroyed.

If at all possible we prefer that donated laptops be functional.  “Functional” means that it will power on.  Battery life is not an issue and it’s okay if the charger is missing.  Any processor running a 1 GHz or better is fine with 1 GB RAM and a minimum of a 20 GB hard drive.

The Laptops for KidZ Project accepts only Windows, Chrome OS or Linux-based laptops.  We do not accept desktops, monitors printers or any Apple product whatsoever.

If you have a laptop you would like to donate to the “Laptops for KidZ Project”, please  contact us via or by calling 774.274.0910 for additional information.

We will issue a 501(c)(3) substantiation letter for all donated laptops.


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